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A Fork, a Sign, and a Cloud walk into a bar...

I only wish I knew a joke that started off like that - I bet it'd be hilarious.  Instead, it's a March Photo Challenge thing - namely, the prompts I'm behind on.  Hooray!

12) Fork
To be honest, there's no fork in this picture, so you can stop straining your eyeballs.  This is more of a cautionary photo about not  using a fork, to let you know what you might look like if for some reason you refused to use utensils and insisted on being hand-fed.  I know the prompt is "Fork," not "This Person Needs a Fork," but I'm using Artistic License - you know, like, "If two forks clapped in the woods," or something.  Okay, I admit it, I don't really know what Artistic License means, I just love saying it because then I can take a picture of a dog wearing a cardigan on a bicycle, and if I say I'm using Artistic License, everyone has to pretend it makes sense.  I'm on to you, art community.

13)  A Sign
Let me translate this sign for you in case you're having trouble wrapping your mind around its randomness:

Baby Girl + BooB = 4eva

This is painted on the back window of a pickup truck in my local community, and the first person who can tell me what it means wins my everlasting gratitude because IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!  Photo credit to my mom, who (I can't stress this enough) wasn't stalking this person  but happened to see them driving around so often that she was able to get a picture so that we could all share in her bewilderment.

14)  Clouds
This is a multi-media art extravaganza created by Zoe.  Please note her bold brush strokes, her fearless combination of crayon and watercolors, her prismatic tree reaching to the heavens.  Also, it has clouds in it.

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kc said...

Please tell Marma that the Baby Girl + BooB = 4eva photo is going to be my screen saver today because I need a good laugh. LOL...err...ROL...

Stacey said...

Actually, I think you have the artistic license thing down. All you need to do now, is charge people eleventy tons of dollars to NOT see the forks clapping.

Also, I think Baby Girl + BooB =4eva may have some seperation issues. It's going to be awkward when Baby Girl gets to high school and is still breast feeding.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Those all gave me a giggle! Love them all! :)

Signs of Spring At Last

Paula @lkg4sweetspot said...

Oh man - I am a little scared to actually know what that sign means! But, it would make me laugh every time I saw it, so that is a good thing.

RobynHTV said...

kc: I'll pass that along. :) Marma's theory is that they're the nicknames of two people who just got married, but she said "BooB" probably should've held out for a better one. Come to think of it, Baby Girl probably should've held out, too.

TruckingT, you're always so full of good financial advice! :) Also, if you're right about the sign (and I think you might be - that was my guess although I hadn't thought it through to her poor teen years) then I'm a little concerned that BooB isn't plural...

Stacy, glad you liked then - thanks for stopping by!

Paula, it made my mom laugh, too, and I had a hard time believing it was as ridiculous as she made it sound, so I'm glad she took the picture. I'll never doubt her again. :)

Trish said...

That baby is too cute!! And I love the painting. And what can I say about Baby Girl + Boob? I'm seriously confused. But entertained.

RobynHTV said...

Trish, you aren't the only confused one. If I ever run into this guy, I'd be tempted to ask, which would break my rule of not interacting with the other humans. But in this case it might be worth it.

Sadie Dear said...

Um, do you think that maybe the person that drives that truck is having trouble weaning her daughter and is crying out for help? The thought comes to mind. Otherwise, I'm at a loss, too.

RobynHTV said...

Sadie Dear, that's a good question. I might advise them to try calling a doctor, or to check out WebMD... I've heard of people using Twitter to ask for medical opinions, so maybe this is a hillbilly tweet?

Middle State said...

Maybe it's Baby Girl + Bob and they messed up.

RobynHTV said...

Middle State, if you're right, Bob should be a little more careful with his spelling! Maybe his middle initial is O, and he thought it should go in the middle if his first name...? No, I have a feeling we're still giving him too much credit.

Layla said...

Baby Girl + Boob....absolutely hilarious.

And as far as your artistic license goes, I would love to see you use it more! I love the fork...or lack there of!

RobynHTV said...

Layla - thanks! I like to think of artistic license as an excuse to completely ignore the rules. :)

Kristi Bonney said...

Love these. And? Trucking Tumbleweed's comment totally cracks me up. Let's hop baby girl isn't still breastfeeding in high school! lol

Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up for WW last week. I'm still playing catch up! Sorry for showing up so late. Have a great day. :)

RobynHTV said...

Thanks for coming by, Kristi! I'll be the LAST person to judge someone for being behind - I'm still trying to catch up on showers I've missed for the last two months. Just kidding, of course (I'm not trying).

Susan Bodendo/Super Earthling said...

Wow, this "Baby Girl + BooB =4eva" mystery is so unfair for someone like me whose daughter is grown already. I haven't had to think of little kid stuff for a long time. LOL

The only thing that came to mind is "baby girl and boy on board forever" but the thought of babies on board in that vehicle forever is really pretty darn creepy, isn't it? Unless,of course, they're zombie babies... :-o

In any case--very cute blog! :D

RobynHTV said...

Super Earthling, you might be on to something there! We didn't check the bed of the truck, so for all I know they could have a couple car seats nailed to the wheel wells.

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