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Pizza Surprise, and Parentheses Are Caused By Sleep Deprivation

My delicate sensibilities have been thrown all in a tizzy (it doesn't take much) because the Sleep Tyrant (a.k.a. Madeline), who decides when and where I get to snag my 20 winks (I know the standard is 40 winks, but things change with a baby around) decided that it was time to get up at around 4:00 this morning, probably because she  didn't stay up to watch the Superbowl (she's not much of a sports fan).  Out of bed we stumbled, and she (shrewdly) waited until I was Completely Wide Awake before falling asleep on my lap, but then (again, shrewdly) chose the precise moment I had snuck her back into bed and closed my eyes to (loudly) precipitate the destruction of one disposable diaper in a matter of seconds, which (according to most environmentalists) would otherwise have taken up to eleventy jillion years to deteriorate in a landfill.  At which point we were (you guessed it) awake again.

You can see that, although (on the plus side) we did technically do our small part to save the Earth this morning (with the diaper thing), the interruptions to my (normally impeccable) sleep pattern have caused me to ramble in compound sentences, chock full of parenthetical digressions, and also to wonder (not out loud, you'll be happy to note) things like, "Why can one be 'out of whack' but can't get 'into whack' to right oneself?"  I'm hoping I'll find some other (non-whack-related) way to get back to my normal level of abnormal.  Until then I remain hopeful, based on the observation that I did (eventually) add a comma in the correct spot in my post title, which had originally (without proper punctuation) implied that a lack of sleep somehow brings about Pizza Surprise.

The plan for today's post is to share my next February Photo Challenge pic, which is supposed to be based on the prompt: Dinner.  Of course, I'm not QUITE so out of it that I've already eaten  dinner (as it's only 11:30), but (for maybe the first time in the history of ever) I do already know what I'm planning to make.

Follow Me on PinterestI found it on Pinterest, which (if you aren't familiar with it) is essentially Crack For Idea Hoarders.  You can check out what oddities I've decided are worth stockpiling by clicking this nifty button.  Join, and say goodbye to your families forever, because they will never see you again.

Anyhow, this particular recipe was, I'm quite sure, invented just for me.  It only has five ingredients (or four, really, since I've already mentioned that I don't stock up on Fresh Herbs of any kind, given the fact that the closest thing I have to a Garden is actually a Patch of Dead Grass Behind the Garage That I Once Briefly Considered Turning Into a Garden But Didn't).  They call it Bubble Up Pizza and it is loved by all members of this household, though sometimes it is loved forcibly at knife point, because EVEN THIS I managed to screw up the last time I made it, even though (for once) I followed the directions implicitly.  I could have left the pan in the oven until apes took over the world (or I got a full night's sleep, whichever came first) and that stupid biscuit dough never would have cooked through to the middle.  I think there's something wrong with my oven (likely story).  In any case, the outer perimeter of the dish tasted divine, and I plan on making it again tonight.  Later (if I remember), I'll take a photo of said Dinner for the Photo Challenge and add the pic someplace around here:

Publicity photo from the new Pizza Hut location
that just opened in Hell.

Please refrain from comparing my photo (when I get around to posting it) to the photos taken of the same recipe on PassTheSushi.com, as I strongly suspect they hired a Professional Stylist to prep their skillet of food and then had Ansel Adams swing by (posthumously) to orchestrate the photo shoot.  By comparison, I will be taking my photo under 5000 Watt incandescent bulbs, using the Speed setting on my camera (because I'll be in a hurry and that's what I think that setting should be used for), and concentrating the bulk of my efforts on ensuring you can't see my messy kitchen in the background.  I know, you can hardly wait!  As repayment for your consideration, I solemnly swear to remove the parentheses keys from my keyboard as soon as I publish this post (to spare you the future agony of reading more of my potentially over-interrupted sentences).  Deal?

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


The Third Partier said...

deal. except, maybe we cut the dough into smaller pieces in hopes it cooks right? just an idea(r).

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to the sleep deprivation. Even at 21 months, EB still has one nightly wake-up. This morning it was 45 min before my alarm went off. She was yelling (not crying, at least!) "maMAA! maMAA!" until I came in there to change her diaper and rock her. I can handle everything else, but the lack of sleep is ROUGH.

The Third Partier said...

i love the caption on the recently added dinner pic. hah!

Ahhh Mom said...

I love your definition of pinterest!!

RobynHTV said...

I'll Sleep: Arg, I'd forgotten how long the sleep deprivation lasts - you're scaring me! Now that they're 7 and almost 10, the other kids' babyhoods have long since been forcibly removed from my memory (well, the hard parts, anyway) so I was sort of hoping Maddie would be sleeping through the night and making her own breakfast soon. Sounds like no? ::disappointed face::

Ahhh Mom: So obviously you're familiar with pinterest :)

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