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On Crushing Your Daughter's Dreams

Dear Zoe (my lovely 7-year-old daughter),

I was just thinking about the recent conversation we had, in which we discussed what you want to be when you grow up.

What will it be? An astronaut? A teacher?
A ballerina? President of the United States?

I was sorry to have to break it to you that, unfortunately, it's not possible for you to grow up to be a dog.

However, I thought you showed a lot of flexibility and determination when you decided that, instead of being a dog, you would just be a person who dresses up  like a dog.

When I regrettably informed you that there aren't a lot of employment opportunities calling for an adult in a dog costume, I'll admit that you scared me just a little bit when you cheerfully and immediately changed your top career choice to Underwear Model.  Although you disregarded my suggestion that you could be a Hand  Model instead (despite my attempts to make it sound glamorous), I was quite grateful when you compromised and agreed to just be a Regular Model.

I was impressed that your next choice would be News Person, though not altogether surprised when you revealed that you chose that because you would get your own makeup artist.  Then, once we were on the subject of makeup artists, News Person was quickly discarded in favor of Movie Star.

Even the career choice of Movie Star was short-lived when it occurred to you that maybe you could grow up to be Fancy Nancy, of Fancy Nancy book fame.

I guess Fancy Nancy's an underwear model, too.

Admittedly, I was eager to encourage your aspirations to be a harmless fictional character (anything to get you to stop demonstrating your Underwear Model runway walk, hilarious though it was).

But by the time I suggested that you could be a Movie Star who plays the role of Fancy Nancy on the silver screen, you had already moved on to other career plans and didn't want to discuss it any further.  I'm hoping we can continue our conversation some other time.  Or that you'll forget about it all together.

Mommy, who sincerely hopes you change your mind about wanting to be a Race Car Driver

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Robin said...

Oh how this post made me smile :). My kids are just on the cusp of more logical potential career choices and I really mourn the loss of the whimsy...

RobynHTV said...

I'm glad you liked it, Robin! I try to appreciate the random comments and wild dreams they come up with, and how wholeheartedly they believe everything they say - even if it's only for thirty seconds and then they come up with something else. :)

The Third Partier said...

Hey babe. I don't know if you noticed, but some bird commented on your blog. And not just ANY bird, but one that looks like a flower.

Strange days. Straaaaaange days.

RobynHTV said...

Har. We Robi/yns never get to hear enough bird jokes! Hey look, a nerd commented on my blog. And not just any nerd, but a nerd that looks like a white B on an orange background. Yes, strange days...

momto8 said...

hahaha..I guess she should explore ALL her options!!

RobynHTV said...

I know, momto8 - I don't want to stifle her creativity, but at the same time I can't really get behind the underwear model thing...

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