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Truer words were never spoken

It wasn't snowing or raining or Armageddon the other day, so I walked over to pick the kids up from school instead of driving.  I do this as much as I can (even when it's kind of f-f-f-f-freeeezing), partly to get some fresh air, partly so Maddie doesn't have to scream her head off about being confined to the car seat while we wait outside the school, and partly so I don't have to deal with the honking, double-parking (don't get me started), cars-idling-in-clouds-of-exhaust-fumes masses of parents who are  driving.  Not that I haven't idled right there along with them before - I'm just saying I avoid it whenever possible.  Plus, I like to chat with the kids on the way home.  Here's part of the conversation we had that day.

JAKE: I kind of hoped you'd forget we had a half day today so I could walk home by myself.

ME: What?  They wouldn't let you walk alone.

JAKE: Yes they would.  I'm in the fourth grade, Mom.

ME: Well, what about Zoe?

ZOE: I could walk, too!

ME (to Zoe): But your teacher wouldn't let you go if she didn't see me waiting there to pick you up.

ZOE: I could sneak off...

ME: That wouldn't be very nice - your teacher would be so worried that she'd lost you!

ZOE (in her teacher voice): Oh my, I lost five kids in one day.  That must be some kind of a record!

ME: Maybe, but probably not a record you'd be very proud of.

ZOE: I guess that depends on which five kids.

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