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That's Snow Funny

I have got to cut it out with the bad puns.  I'm really sorry.  I'll seek professional help.

But there were  some funny moments last week when we had a freak warm streak and Marma, the kids and I decided to take advantage of it and go for a walk.  It comes to mind today because the weather folks keep swearing we're going to get a Major Blizzard any minute, here in the midst of the Mildest Winter in the History of Winter.  Zoe was quite disappointed this morning when the ground was still dry and she had no excuse to wear her new, pink snow boots on our walk to school.

Anyway, Marma and I like to take walks pretty much no matter what, just to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.  The scale of Walking Enthusiasm for the kids, on the other hand, looks something like this:

As you can see, there is approximately zero enthusiasm when it's very cold or very hot, even if they are promised Unlimited Playground Access.  There are, of course, factors that might affect these ratios.  For example, sometimes they had their hearts set on doing something else besides walking; there is virtually no amount of cajoling that will force Jake to enjoy a walk if he's set his mind to sulking in I Thought We Were Going Over To Gran's House mode, which is exactly what was going on during this walk.

Please note the pants Jake is wearing.  You probably can't tell, but they're those polyester basketball practice kind of pants, and before we left my mom asked him if he was going to change.  She reports that he replied, "These are warm - they're two layers.  And they're nice enough to wear outside - I could wear these to church," which really knocked Marma and me out because Jake would have absolutely no idea what's appropriate to wear to church (obviously).  Plus I have no idea why he'd think we'd require him to wear church pants to take a walk around the block, but apparently he was really gunning to wear them, which was fine with me.

On walks, Maddie is our loose cannon; 99% of the time she enjoys herself immensely and is eventually lulled to sleep.  On rare occasions, this day being one of them, for no apparent reason she screams until I have to pluck her out of the stroller and carry her, lest everyone within a four-block radius be tempted to call 911.  She normally waits to do this until we are at least 84 miles from home.

Zoe is pretty happy-go-lucky about walking, unless it's over 75 degrees, and then she starts complaining that she's going to pass out, unless I happen to have some fruit snacks on board the stroller.  She sure didn't mind going on this walk - as you can see by how far ahead she is in the picture, she seems to have done more walking than all of us combined.  She wouldn't let her brother's less-than-thrilled attitude deter her exuberance, either.  For example, at one point she excitedly pointed out some markings in the snow near the high school and exclaimed, "Look, deer tracks!"  Jake sauntered over, checked them out and said, "No, those are just regular footprints, Zoe."  Undaunted, Zoe exclaimed with equal excitement, "Ooh, kid tracks!"

She was especially enthusiastic about this particular walk, because she got to wear her new boots outside for the first time.  Test-driving boots, for a seven-year-old, involves primarily stomping in snow wherever it's available, sloshing through every puddle, and shuffling through mud, just to prove how (hopefully) impermeable the boots are to the elements.  I think my favorite moment on the walk was when Zoe was cleaning the mud off her boots - using a pile of snow, of course.

When she was finished, proud of a job well done, I heard her say to herself with satisfaction as she inspected her boots, "There. Clean as a polished shark."  I guess I'd never thought about it before, but now that she mentioned it, I can't claim that I can come up with anything that would be cleaner than that.  Can you?

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