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Technical Difficulties

Well, I had a blog post all planned out - it was going to be knock yourself out hilarious kind of funny, and absolutely full of pictures of Maddie.

Then Goofle happened.  You know, the popular online-search-engine-turned-World-Dominating-Megalord?  Okay, obviously that's not the real name, but YOU know who I mean - I feel compelled to use a pseudonym for them here, as I'm quite sure they scour the internet looking for Anti-Goofle Rebels, who are no doubt treated quite harshly.  The last thing I need is to hear a pounding on the door mere moments after publishing a post (here on my Blogger blog - owned by Goofle), only to find some Goofle Thugs ready to break my thumbs over my defamation of stupid Goofle.  "Did you say that Goofle was an evil, slobbering, cash-sucking monster that's masquerading as a harmless search engine but has probably already bought up everything on the planet, including McDonald's, your mom, and the rights to all the Beatles' lyrics?"  they'll demand to know, shining an interrogation light in my eyes in the back of an unmarked van.  "Why, no, I'd never say that,"  I'll tell them.  Undeterred, they'll yell, "Did you or did you not mercilessly make fun of Goofle+, saying it was a Facebook knockoff that isn't even good enough to polish Classmates.com's shoes, which is saying a lot since only six people have ever even logged on to Classmates.com, and that everyone generally hates Goofle+ and can't for the life of themselves figure out why Goofle is trying to get into social networking in the first place?"  "Yes,"  I'll reply, even though I never did say that, based on the fact that it's true and I wish I had  said it.

Anyway, the reason I'm so peeved at Goofle right now is that apparently they bought my beloved photo editing website, and they're shutting it down in April so that everyone will (they hope) start using Goofle+ for their photo editing needs (yes, Goofle does photo editing now, too, for some reason).  As a result, the site I like keeps crashing.  So, like a sucker, I thought, What the heck, I'll try Goofle+ out since I'm probably gonna have to anyway.   But their  site is all messed up and won't let me edit my photos either, and to boot I found out that the place where Goofle crams the photos I post on this blog is almost full (WHAT‽), so if I want to use too many more pictures on my blog (which - duh - of course I do) Goofle suggests I pay them an annual fee to "upgrade" my storage capacity.  Um, nice try, but not likely, Goofle.

To avoid all this jive, all I need to do is learn how to be some sort of computer guru really quick (in my spare time) which should be no problem since I have absolutely zero natural talent for computing; I can't even type without looking at the keyboard.  I would provide you with a pie chart here showing the percentage breakdown of my various talents, BUT I CAN'T (f.y.i., Computing comes in at 0.00000002%).

So wish me luck.  I hope to be some sort of Super Genius Computer Master by tomorrow and be back to blogging with Actual Full-Color Photos.  Or I'll just take a nap, depending on my mood.  Just promise me that if you see an unmarked van sitting outside my house, you'll call somebody for help.  But not the cops - Goofle probably owns them, too.

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Anonymous said...

Gibbs' Rules : I'f you think somebody might be out to get you...They are!

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