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Snow Peeve

Dear Plow Driver Guy,

Please don't get me wrong.  I absolutely appreciate what you do.

Make no mistake, if it weren't for you, roaring past my house at every odd hour of the day and waking up my baby, zipping around like an elephant on ball bearings, coming within one nanometer of taking the mirrors off every car parked on the street, I might not be able to get out of the house in the winter to achieve my goal of coming in contact with the General Public and contracting all their debilitating Stomach Flu viruses.  So thanks.  Really.

But please, if you don't mind, explain to me how there can be virtually NO SNOW on the ground, and no snow appears to be piled up elsewhere along the curbs, yet there are approximately eight smallish glaciers parked at the end of my driveway, rendering it impassable by either of my small sedans.

Thankfully, Marma came over, noted the problem, and ran over the pile several times to flatten it at considerable risk to herself, considering she had no mountaineering equipment with her as she revved the mighty engine of her 150 horsepower PT Cruiser, so that my hard-working husband could pull up to the house when he got home without becoming so enraged by your Wintry Leavings that he risked popping an artery.

Curious But Also Stay Away From My Property

P.S.  If Marma (a woman who - no offense - starts stocking up on canned goods in October in case the snow comes early) is willing to be out on the roads, you can probably leave your plow at home.  Just sayin'.

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