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Well, we finally got some of that snow they've been promising, and as much of a pain as it is to bundle kids up during the winter, they sure do look cute in their fluffy gear.

I was looking through old pictures, and realized there aren't a whole bunch on the computer of Jake and Zoe when they were little.  This isn't because I didn't take 400,000 pictures of them - which I did.  It's because I didn't have a digital camera at the time, so all the pics were on regular film.  Remember regular film?  (Any young whippersnappers out there reading this might have to Google "film negatives." Then imagine 50 billion of them rotting in an old shoebox, so you can accurately picture the primitive way in which J and Z's childhood memories are archived).

Anyhow, I did find an old one of Zoe when she was all wrapped up in some warm, snuggly clothes as I was getting ready to drag her outside into the freezing weather for a walk (some things never change), and it reminded me of a picture of Maddie.

Zoe at 3 months

Maddie at 7 months
Okay, I'm not trying to pretend they look like twins or anything, but you can sure tell they're sisters.  Luckily I should be able to tell their baby pictures apart, if for no other reason than one has blue eyes and the other has brown (or "grayish-brownish-awesome," which is, I believe, the color Gerry invented to describe them).  In any case, they're both pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself.  They're also both looking pretty unsure about the whole Bundling Up For a Walk In the Cold thing.  Hmmm, well I guess I'll leave it to Zoe to break the news to Maddie about how unlikely it is they'll be getting out of going for Strictly Enforced Relaxing Walks any time soon - she should know.

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The Third Partier said...

YOU'RE greyish-brownish awesome.

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