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Speed Bump on the Spiral

A while back I posted about the Holiday Death Spiral, the span of time between Halloween and New Year's Day during which people tend to overextend themselves with parties, shopping, cooking, elevating their expectations to ridiculous levels, jumping out of buildings, etc.  I'm no exception; I currently have no fewer than six projects, complete with all the associated supplies, spread out in a thick coating throughout our downstairs.  And upstairs.  And basement.  Plus I have at least two projects that I haven't even started yet (and Christmas is in how many  days?).  This is what happens when an idea pops into your head that you can't wait to start, so you work on it feverishly - until another idea pops into your head (or you get an email from one of the kids' teachers asking for help, or you realize you haven't sent Christmas cards yet), so you drop the first thing midstream and start on the next one.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  I'm just lucky I have a patient, understanding husband who not only doesn't complain about the piles of fabric, loose craft wire, paint brushes, and scrapbooking supplies all over the place, but he actually goes out to the garage and cuts big pieces of plywood for me when I ask him to (thus contributing to the piles), and gives me MORE crafting stuff as early Christmas gifts!  Then again, maybe he's just crazy.

Anyway, as I started up the Craft Factory again this morning, I began to wonder why I don't seem to ever make any progress.  I seldom find myself checking any of these projects off my To Do list, and meanwhile I still need to finish shopping, wrap presents (oh yeah, and get some bows and wrapping paper), follow up on that orthodontist referral Zoe got from the dentist, and figure out why my phone refuses to sync with iTunes all of a sudden.

But almost as soon as the question was posed, I knew the answer - and she was looking right at me.

And when we aren't playing, she's making adorable faces that I can't resist taking pictures of.

Or she wants to go for a walk.

It's pretty obvious that this walk wasn't my idea.

Or she needs a bath.

So it looks like the acceleration of my descent into the Holiday Death Spiral is being slowed by a cute little baby-shaped speed bump.  Which is really a horrible mental image, I know.  But I'm grateful for it, nonetheless.  So I'd like to send out a Big Holiday Thank You to all my kiddos, for keeping me sane with their cuteness.  Or, at the very least, for robbing me of and restoring my sanity in (roughly) equal measure.

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