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She's Officially Seven

Well, I successfully channeled my Can Do attitude for Zoe's party yesterday, by which I mean that Marma came over mid-afternoon and helped out by making cupcakes, washing dishes, picking up the kids from school, and doing all sorts of other things that I can't believe I ever thought I'd have time to do.  I bet I was quite a sight holding the clingiest baby in the universe Maddie in one arm and hanging streamers and tulle from the ceiling with the other, and I was still making food well after guests arrived, but there was indeed a party, and I'm pretty sure Zoe thought it was fabulous as evidenced by the fact that most of the reaction shots I took of her were just a joyful blur.

When she walked in the door after school, she saw a roll of crepe paper I was holding and said very sweetly, "That's pretty, I wish I had a little bit of that."  She had seen a few of the party details, like the glass tea cups, but this comment just went to show that she had no idea what to expect.

Right about that time we heard Jake in the dining room, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh!"  She went to check out the hubbub, and saw it had been transformed into a Fancy Tea Party.

Now, when I say Before and After, for you to get the full effect of the transformation what I really should show you is the Before  Before picture, except there isn't one.  That's because our dining room used to be so packed full of stuff that you wouldn't have been able to fit a camera in there, plus I have no idea why on earth you'd have wanted to document what it looked like.  And by "used to be," I mean as recently as Sunday morning.  Wanting Zoe to have a nice party, Gerry cleared out the entire room, including moving a 3,000 pound copy machine (who doesn't  have a copy machine in their dining room?) to the BASEMENT, by himself.  Have I mentioned he's awesome?

So Zoe blurred through the tea party scene...

...and went down the hall to her room.  But before she could get there, she passed the living room, which was turned into a Festive Glamor Studio where everyone could go to paint their nails and grab some fancy accessories.

Getting fancy is very serious business.

After that she finally made it to her room, where Gerry had rearranged the furniture and assembled Zoe's new bed for her.  (I told  you he was awesome.)  Zoe was beside herself with glee.

Then, as Marma and I predicted, she immediately wanted to put on her fancy tea party clothes.  You'd be surprised how much goes into the Fancy Tea Party Look.

While waiting for the party to start, she frosted cupcakes...

"I do all my baking in formal wear."

...and helped me cook.  If I may digress, here's something I don't understand about kids - I planned the menu with the fact that she hates bread crusts in mind.  A tea party is perfect for crustless sandwiches, right?  I made PB&J sushi roll-ups and little round grilled cheese (cut by using the top of a glass like a cookie cutter), both of which left crusts on the cutting board.  So when Zoe comes over to help, what does she say?

Huh?  Oh well.  It was her  birthday, so if she wanted to scarf down crusts all of a sudden after all the time I've spent trying to cajole her into eating them, I wasn't about to question her about it.  But before she could spoil her appetite on sandwich jetsam, the guests arrived!  We started off by getting fancied up...

...we ate tiny sandwiches and mini corn dogs and all sorts of things drizzled with melted chocolate for dinner...

...followed by a Decorate-Your-Own-Cupcake Bar (because I felt the children needed more sugar).

At the end of the evening, almost as a afterthought, Zoe opened her gifts.  Then the kids scurried back to her room to throw balled up socks across the room and wrestle play.

I hope everyone had a good time, especially Zoe (of course).  She certainly looked happy.

By the end of the night, we were all pretty worn out.

Zoe fiercely clutched several cookies from the set of felt food I made for her as I tucked her in.  For the time being she hadn't noticed that I neglected to serve the ice cream bowls I'd made out of cookie dough, and she still hasn't realized that we completely forgot to sing Happy Birthday or have her blow out any candles.  But despite the omissions, I'd say overall it went smashingly.  I can tell you that any effort that went into it was worth it for me when I saw her marvelling over the decorations, and as she reached up to touch a balloon I heard her say to herself, "This makes me feel so special."  Perfect.  Happy birthday, my seven-year-old little baby.

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Marian said...

Awwww! This so sweet and perfect. (t'm a little obsessed with how other people throw parties - taking notes.)
I am also completely impressed by your impeccable grammar and ability to use the word "jetsam" correctly and not as a reference to The Little Mermaid.
Happy Birthday Zoe! (8 months late, but better late than never, right?)

RobynHTV said...

Thanks! Don't judge my party skills until you read about Madde's 1st birthday party, though, which was... only a party in the loosest sense of the word.

I love the words flotsam and jetsam, but I have to look them up every time because I can never remember for sure which is which. :)

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