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The Question

"What do you want for Christmas?"

This question is often overheard at my house.  It began weeks ago as a loving indication that we each cared what would make the others feel most special on Christmas morning, a question that said, "I want to make you happy" and, "I'm thinking of you."

But as Christmas draws closer (just two weeks from now?!?!!?), we shoppers are getting more panicked, and our queries are picking up a decidedly more, "You'd better hurry up and tell me what you want for Christmas" flavor.  On top of that, now I'm afraid to ask, lest I have another conversation like the one I had this morning.
ME: So Jake, did you ever decide what you want for Christmas?
JAKE: Well, I know what I'm going to ask Santa for. 
ME (feeling sneaky, yet relieved to be getting the inside scoop on what he wants): Oh yeah, what's that?
 JAKE: An iPad.
ME (choking on my coffee): An iPad????
JAKE: Yeah, so I can check on my Poptropica account.
And I've seen some other cool websites - I'd be able to go online whenever I wanted.
ZOE (ignoring us in the background, playing with a Snow White toy she got for her birthday): I even have the Seven Dwarfins!
ME (hopeful, to Jake): So it sounds like you'd just like to be able to get online, but not necessarily with an iPad specifically.
JAKE (unwavering): No, I want an iPad.
ME (using the last-ditch Christmas Disclaimer of parents everywhere): Well, Apple makes the iPad. I don't think Santa's elves can make those.
JAKE (referencing the gift Zoe got from Santa at her dad's last year): Oh, but the elves can make guinea pigs?
If Jake was digging for the truth about Santa, I hope I didn't give too much away by laughing so hard I nearly fell off the couch.

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Mary said...

I nearly fell off the couch laughing, too. I'm still laughing.

John said...

That's funny AND quick witted! Reminded me of a certain "boiled rock" comment...

Sperry said...

LOL & L & L & L! That is great. He wears your genes well, and I mean that with the highest praise! :-)

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