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Punctually Speaking

I see it as my duty as a member of the human race, and more importantly as a grammar snob, to spread the word about something I just learned.  Apparently, it's considered poor form in the written English language to end a sentence with more than one punctuation mark.  Did you know this?!?!??  This grammar rule has been out there all this time, without my knowledge or consent, and I've been unwittingly breaking it with wild abandon my whole life.  My "!" and "?" keys are completely worn down to nubs, despite the fact that they're located on polar opposite ends of the keyboard, which is extremely inconvenient for those of us who have to type with one hand due to the other entire arm being occupied by a sleeping baby.  Such, however, was my dedication to multiple-punctuation usage.

So what are we to do when we need to ask a question in stunned manner?!?!?  I checked with Grammar Girl, who doesn't know it but is just about my Online-World bestest friend ever whom I e-stalk mercilessly, and she has opened my eyes to a punctuation mark about which I was previously unaware.  And to top it off, it has the. best. name. of. all. time.  It is (drum roll, please...)

the interrobang.  Ta-daaaa!

I heart it so much.  It is both my new favorite punctuation mark and my new favorite word.  Don't you think it's great‽  Evidently it's been around since 1962, so maybe I'm the last person to hear about it - as you may recall, it took two posts to adequately cover how out of the loop I am.  Still, I have this nerdy new information now, not a moment too soon, for which I'm grateful.  The only downside is, if I'm really  aghast, how can I resist using more than one‽‽‽

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