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Can Do!

Today is Zoe's 7th birthday - happy birthday, Zoe! (Or Zoey, as she started spelling it for some reason.)  I'm still a little nervous about my ability to pull the party together by this evening, considering that I spent ALL DAY yesterday trying to prep, and with a majorly clingy adorable baby hanging around, I didn't get too far.  So today I'm channeling some of the "Can Do" attitude from my 1950's Housewife Predecessors who, according to all the reruns I've seen on TVLand, can do any household or family-related task in about 20 minutes - and they did it in heels, poofy skirts, and without getting so much as a smudge of dirt on their dainty aprons.

This is how I'm going to try to picture myself, with the power of positive thinking:

This is how I imagine I actually look:

But, as with all things, the reality probably lies somewhere between the ideal and the worst case scenario.  In any case, one way or another the party will happen, and I'll at least make sure that the pictures look good so that, years from now, I can claim everything was perfect.

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Mary said...

It will be fabulous!

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