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Trivia Tuesday

If, like me, you're mentally off to a slow start this week, here's some trivia to really get your brain into gear - just in time to get something accomplished before Wednesday afternoon, when it's time to start winding down in preparation for the weekend.  We don't want to overexert ourselves.

Q: How much time does the average American spend on Facebook each month?

A: According to Nielson, as of September 2011 the average was 6.4 hours per month.  You wish, Nielson!  If Americans only spent 6.4 hours per month on Facebook, we'd have cured lupus and colonized Mars by now.  My best guess is that, for Americans who have Facebook profiles, the average amount of time they spend on Facebook is all of it.  From what I understand, Facebook doesn't even have a "sign out" option.

Q: What percentage of the American workforce admits to drinking during working hours?

A: WebMD (who also happens to be my primary care physician) says that 15% of us admit to drinking during the day or coming into work with a hangover at some point.  There were no statistics about how many workers wished  they had knocked back a few.  The largest group who imbibed during working hours fell into the category of Management, making 1:30 PM (after the three-martini lunch) the unofficial best time to ask for a raise.

Q: What was the original name for Google?

A: Larry Page and Sergey Brin originally called their creation "BackRub."  Close call - can you imagine if they hadn't changed it?  Everyone who wanted to look something up on the internet would be running around saying, "I'm going to BackRub that."  The world would be a much creepier place.

Q: What do most dieters say is the hardest food to give up?

A: Cheese, according to a University of California at Berkeley study.  On a related note, what is the number of days I faithfully used the calorie tracking app on my phone before giving up?  One.  One day.  You would think that having to wear my maternity jeans yesterday because my old ones still don't fit would have motivated me to try to be just a little bit  calorie-conscious, but nope.  As it turns out, I am unmotivatable.

Q: Speaking of motivation, what motivated the first serious proposal of Daylight Savings Time?

A: George Vernon Hudson first introduced the idea of modern DST in 1895 because he wanted more afternoon daylight in which to practice his favorite leisure activity, which was... (drumroll, please)... collecting insects.  Go ahead and ask me how I feel about Daylight Savings Time.

Q: What country has the longest life expectancy?

A: Japan, at 82.6 years.  Out of 194 countries, do you know where the US ranks?  We're 36th, at 78.3 years.  I see some room for improvement here.  To do my part in bringing up our national average, I'm going to start lying about my age.  From now on, if anyone asks, I'm 247 years old.

And there you have it, a short quiz to get the old synapses firing.  If you scored zero, you might want to start over and retake the test now that you know the answers.  Or just take a nap under your desk.  If you scored seven or higher, good for you - but considering there were only six questions, you might want to take a nap, too.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


The Third Partier said...

Okay. If I want to burn even fewer calories, I'll just lower the voltage in my synapses. And I love the word verification thing on the comments page. The words almost look like real words, but usually with some questionable possible connotations. The one on this page is "horph." Hmm. That is either a changeling horse, a tranny prostitute, or the sound a raw chicken breast makes upon hitting a ceramic floor tile.

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