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This Week's Wrap-up

It's that time again, the end of the week when I unload all the miscellaneous junk that happened that I haven't blogged yet, because Lord knows you want to hear about it.  Well, probably not, but here it is anyway.
  • The big mystery of the week is how the Trash House across the street caught on fire.  LUCKILY Maddie was up at 5 AM, so we got to peer through a gap in the curtains to watch the action.

Maddie loved the flashing lights, but the firefighters must've noticed the orange light on my camera that comes on even when I'm not using the flash, because the investigator came over to ask if I've noticed anyone hanging around over there.  I guess the covert photography got me pegged as a nosey neighbor.

  • This weather is, to use a meteorological term, dumb.  Frost in the morning, 60 degrees in the afternoon.

I know, I shouldn't complain, soon I'll be begging for the relative warmth of morning frost from beneath five feet of snow.  But don't tell my mom that - I told her the winters here are no big deal so that she'd move up here.  And she believed me!!!

  • I mentioned in yesterday's post that Gerry gave me some Milk Duds as an apology for his heinous actions earlier this week.  Let me set the scene.
It is late, and I have been fixated for hours on the KitKat gifted to me by Jake from his candy stash. I managed to avoid eating it all day, but now I'm ready to savor its deliciousness. However, I'm trapped under a sleeping infant. I turn to my darling husband. "Honey," I say, batting my eyelashes. "How about bringing me that KitKat in the kitchen?"
Gerry dutifully hops up and retrieves the heavenly treat. He unwraps it for me. He snaps the two bars apart. Okay, thank you for your help, but I can handle it from here... then he eats one of the bars! All right, I think, no need to panic. Don't be a ninny - you can share your candy. And then I watch with distress as he taunts me by raising the last bar to his mouth. He would never do that, I think, relatively confident but unable to wipe the horrified expression off my face. But then he DID eat it, and laughed, and as he threw the wrapper away he had the nerve to say, "I didn't even WANT that."
Of course then he went into the other room and produced a giant bag full of KitKats he'd purchased that day just for me, but nevertheless I'm still not quite over the trauma of thinking  he'd eaten the only one. Plowing through an entire bag of them has helped ease the pain somewhat, though.

  • Kennedy had parent/teacher conferences, and his grades are AWESOME!!!!  Gerry positively glowed as he relayed the news that all K's teachers said he's a joy to have in class, and his sculpture teacher said he's the best artist in the school!  Duh, we already knew that, but it's nice to hear that they know it, too.

Family mascot, by Kennedy

  • I got Maddie to take a nap in her crib - I celebrated this small victory with a photo shoot that lasted pretty much the whole time she was asleep.  So much for using my arms for non-baby-holding activities.

No can do, because she's really starting to try to talk and the Maddie to English Dictionary is expanding daily, so what if she woke up and I missed the first time she says, "Mother, may I eat the remote control, please?"  Right now, she just does it without asking.

She has also started saying, "mamamamama," and since she only says it when she's whining, I think I can assume she's talking to me.  Other favorite new noises include The Cookie Monster Laugh and The Laryngitis Scream, which sounds like it should be loud but isn't - maybe she's making her own "cheering crowd" noises.  Good stuff.
  • Gerry the Younger had his first 8-hour shift.  Although his attitude is good, my understanding is that it wasn't pleasant.  No doubt!  The good news is, only 45 more years until he can retire!  Hmm, I'm not very good at silver linings.  Sorry, G.
  • I had the following conversation with Zoe on the way to school:
Zoe: Mommy, where does the universe end?
Me: Well, no one knows.  They haven't made a telescope yet strong enough to see the edge - maybe goes on forever.
Zoe: Well, I want to know.
Me: When you grow up you could be a scientist, and maybe you could be the one who discovers the answer.
Zoe: I don't want  to be a scientist, I just want to wear the white coat.
Me: Oh yes, those are nice. Doctors wear those white coats, too.
Zoe: Yeah, I want to be a doctor. Then I can see people's guts.

I haven't figured out yet whether I'm supposed to be proud or scared.
  • Here's one more picture from this week.

If anyone knows why I feel compelled to take so many stupid pictures of squirrels, I'd be interested to hear your theory.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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