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By now most of you are either recovering from Thanksgiving with your family, or from Black Friday shopping, or both.

I'm still relatively unscathed, because as I may have mentioned yesterday I am NOT participating in the Black Friday madness, and we're not celebrating the Eating Portion of the Holiday Event until later today.  So really I have very little need to recover from Thanksgiving Day itself, since all I did yesterday was sit around and watch football (poor me).

I did want to log on to the old blog long enough today to share something with you, though.  In case you thought you had to endure some awkward conversations at your holiday feast, I invite you to check out this interview of Condoleezza Rice on the 700 Club.  Or rather, check out Pat Robertson's comments afterward in the wrap-up.  Prepare to cringe, and possibly roll your eyes so hard they get stuck.

Are you kidding me?!?!?  There are so many things wrong with this conversation that I truly just don't know where to begin.  I mean, I'm not saying I'm surprised - this is the guy who blamed the earthquake in Haiti on the Haitian peoples' pact with the devil, and has said plenty of other stupid things.   It just irks me that he has no idea what an idiot he is, nor does he care; if only Pat were smart enough to know he should feel stupid, he might actually make progress toward becoming a tolerable person.  It also irritates me a little that he not only hasn't tried mac and cheese, he DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS.  I mean I know he's old and not really with it, but after he finished eating all the mastodons you'd think he'd have had an opportunity to try out some Kraft products.  And his co-host isn't helping; was she just too stunned by his question to point out that grocery stores everywhere are stuffed to the gills with mac and cheese, or does she really think that the world is not "on board" with it? 

Before any Religious Types get offended, please recognize that I don't dislike Pat Robertson because he's religious. I dislike him because he seems like a real jerk - the fact that his jerkiness is usually religious in nature is purely coincidence. Besides, any Religious Types should be concerned with the image he's projecting as a Public Religious Type; he's taking perfectly nice ideas and making them sound positively bat-poop crazy (pardon my French). I wouldn't be one bit surprised if I found out he was a member of PETA - that's how misguided his efforts are.

But on the plus side, maybe it's true that every human on Earth serves a purpose, and if so, maybe Pat's purpose is to make us feel better when we say something completely offensive and boneheaded.

Pat reminds us this year at Thanksgiving that, even if we did accidentally yell out, "That's gay," in reference to a bad football penalty right in front of our cousin who came out last year, or called Aunt Margaret a horrible old shrew only to realize she was standing right behind us, or got in a full-family, knock-down brawl over the health care debate - at least we didn't do it on national TV.  So I apologize if I'm being too hard on old Pat.  I hope you're all recovering well from your holidays, whatever they entailed, and that you had a delicious, racially-appropriate meal.

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The Third Partier said...

Oooooh... I'm telling Jesus on you. Right after I finish my grits and bourbon.

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