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Little Baby No-No

How long has it been since I said I'd probably never use this blog-in-a-blog app on my phone again?  Two days?  Yeah, I forgot to tell you, you probably shouldn't listen to anything I say... because below you'll find another mini-blog.  But come on, it's hard enough to resist taking pictures all the time without having the temptation of a NEW way to take pictures!  Just wait, I'll be the first one in line when they master the technology of implanting a camera in your eye, or your forehead, or wherever they can fit it.

Think of how useful that would be!  If I had a way to be just a little  more sneaky while taking pictures, right now I could be sharing with you the Oddest Driveway in America, which I saw yesterday and which was furnished with three white plastic chairs and a battered weight bench, arranged in a conversation group around a rusted hibachi grill.  Classy!  I know you hate that you're missing out on that  visual.  As you can imagine, their outdoor living room was completely blocking all access to the garage, though that's unlikely to present a problem since there's little chance any cars on this property would be operational.  The sight of it really conjured up a marvelous mental image of their nightly driveway parties, and also raised a few questions.  Do they take turns bench pressing cases of Natty Light, while spectators in the plastic chairs heckle and roast hot dogs?  Are you really supposed to entertain guests while you're lifting free weights?  How many more holes will there need to be in the bench padding before they go ahead and scoot it ten feet down the driveway to the curb?  You have to see it to truly appreciate its oddity, but as it stands I was afraid to get my camera out, lest the toothless gang of weight-lifting hibachi chefs that live there come out on the front porch with their shotguns.  If I had that camera implant - *BLINK* - nothing would be unbloggable.  How about it, Science?

But I digress.  Maddie got up even earlier than usual today, since it's impossible to explain to an infant that, thanks to daylight savings time, I need her to sleep an hour later in the morning.  But my body says it's time to get up, she says to me with her eyes.  "No, honey, that's your internal  clock.  Ignore that.  Our internal clocks are stupid.  They don't know anything about what time it should be.  The real  clock says it's still sleepy time."  I didn't even try, I just oozed out of bed and started snapping pictures.  This blogette celebrates my inability to keep up with her curiosity at such an early hour.

I know, she's completely adorable, and abolutley worth getting up at Still-Dark-O'Clock for.  I'm pretty spoiled, even if I don't have the eyeball camera implant, and I haven't defeated daylight savings time.  Yet.

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