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Foggy Facts

Yesterday morning was pretty chilly as we walked to school - you absolutely have to see Maddie in her cold-weather walking gear.

Is that fuzzy pink leopard print, you ask?  Why yes it is.  Is it a-dor-a-ble?  Again, yes.  Have I been having too much fun adding filters and borders to my pictures?  Also yes.  Avert your eyes if you aren't prepared for the full view (Cuteness Factor 10.3).

Of course she was a tad overdressed because she has a bit of a runny nose, which sends all members of the Fraternal Uptight and Stressed SocietY of Moms (a.k.a. FUSSY Moms) into a frenzy of over-bundling, which is known by psychologists in cold climates as the GoreTex Response.

Okay, that's not really true - I'm not a fussy mom.  The only reason I'm admitting it is because I can almost hear my mom laughing from here, and I want to save her the trouble of starting her own blog to rat me out.  In truth, as long as none of my kids are bleeding profusely, missing, or on fire, my stock reaction to every situation is, "They're fine."  So really Maddie's overdressed because she's the baby, and as such can't complain about how uncomfortable coats are - unlike my hooded-sweatshirt-wearing older kids.

Kids over the age of four always claim they aren't cold.  If they're barefoot in a blizzard, eating an ice cream cone and wearing frozen pants, they'll still pretend like they left their coats at school to avoid putting them on.  Continuing to ask a child if they're cold when they've already claimed for the twelfth time that "I'm fine" is liable to get you this, the Classic "Derrrr" Look.

Anyway, it was also really foggy yesterday morning.

And since it was Tuesday, it made me think of an idea for Trivia Tuesday, because heaven forbid something should happen during my day that doesn't get passed through the Blogability Filter.  Since I started blogging, that's now the first area of my brain that analyzes any new piece of information, with even higher priority than the sectors that scan for Stranger Danger or confirm that your toe isn't broken after you stub it really hard.  But anyway, obviously Tuesday has come and gone, so Trivia Tuesday didn't pan out.  Since no words involving fog or trivia sound particularly good with Wednesday, you get Foggy Facts.  So there you go.  Here are the Foggy Facts for the day:

  • It's possible to have dew without fog, but not possible to have fog without dew.  I'm not sure if there's something about fog or dew that makes spiders go nuts making webs, but I can say for sure that every bush we passed was covered in spider tracks, and they were all dew-drippy.

  • Singer/Songwriter Mel Torme is known as the Velvet Fog.  I tried my darndest to find you an interesting fact about him, but to give you an idea how impossible that was, here's the most fascinating info one website could come up with:
  • I was going to do the next one on Brain Fog, but considering I just spent the last ten minutes looking all over for Maddie's pacifier only to find it IN MY HAND, I think maybe I should take a nap instead.

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