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I've been so busy ranting about random things and complaining lately (two of my favorite activities), that I just realized it's been a while since I shared some of the Cuteness that gets slathered around here in generous quantities on a daily basis.  So in no particular order, here's some cuteness witnessed on the home front in the past several days:

  • Zoe found a baby toy in her room and gave it to Maddie; she took obvious pleasure in introducing her to all the parts and teaching her how to play with it.  I think she might also be subliminally teaching her something about hoarding, though.
  • Describing the tartness of cranberry juice, Zoe said it "feels like you don't have any cheeks."
  • It's not the best picture, but here's Maddie trying to imitate a face I was making.
  • Jake declared that he knew what he was going to ask Santa for this year: "for everyone to have a happy Christmas."  As my heart began to get all warm and toasty with the innocent sweetness of a child's generosity at Christmastime, I heard him add under his breath, "That oughtta get me a lot of presents."
  • Zoe offered to make dinner.  There was quite a bit of kitchen clattering as she labored away - when she reemerged, she'd made alphabet soup.
  • Maddy and Gerry - working on a screenplay?
  • We were playing one evening in Zoe's room (yes, I've alerted the media: ZOE CLEANED HER ROOM!).  Jake came in and introduced himself with some ridiculous name that changed every time he said it, which only cracked him up more the harder he tried to keep a straight face, especially considering the snooty British accent he was using.

    I pretended like he stole my credit card (naturally), so Zoe pretended to call the police; when I told her it was all just a misunderstanding she gave me a knowing look and, in a classic overemphasized misuse of air-quotes, said into her play phone, "Never mind, no police assistance will be necessary.  They worked it 'out.'"
  • Proof that I'm not the only nerd addicted to her phone.

  • We had Thanksgiving at my in-laws', and of course I managed to leave my camera lying around and forgot it there.  They brought it to me when they came over last night, and when I uploaded the pics I found one of Kennedy that someone (I'm guessing his brother) took with my unattended camera.  I heart this picture so much.
  • It's possible that you've heard about Maddie's semi-manic attraction to cold pop cans.  I mean, look at her eyes - that can't be healthy.

Well, check out what I caught her doing while she was SUPPOSED to be playing in her exersaucer...

Mm hmmm.  I should have known she couldn't be trusted after what she did at Walmart.  She was in her car seat, which was in the cart.  I looked down, and somehow she was playing with a packet of stickers I'd put up front in the basket.  When I took it from her, I saw how she'd managed to get it - she'd taken her sock off (which she then began waving around triumphantly) and was using her toes to pull things out of the basket!  Great, seven months old and my baby's already outsmarting me.  This doesn't bode well for the next 17 years and 5 months...

P.S. For those of you who noticed that Gerry happens to be planted in the same spot on the couch in all of his appearances above, I wanted to clear up any misconception that he spends a bunch of time loafing around.  On the contrary, the reason I have so many pics of him there is because I'm always on the couch, so the only time I take pictures of him is when he comes over to bring me a beverage or rub my feet.

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