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To Chauncey - A Sort-of Apology

We have a cat by the name of Chauncey. By all estimations he is an excellent member of the family, with all the positive attributes you could hope for in a cat, and even some you'd be more likely to expect from an affectionate dog. He's adorable...

and loves to be around people. Especially Gerry. He loooooves Gerry.

If Gerry isn't petting him, Chauncey's sure to rest his head on something Gerry will need so that maybe, just maybe, Gerry will pet him when he needs that particular object back. Like, for example, his phone. Or the remote. Or the computer.

Sometimes he's more direct.

He's endlessly entertaining, especially when he convinces himself that something is hiding under the beanbag chair and he gets all poofy while he's hunting it.

One of my favorite things about him is that his dorky little fangs stick out sometimes when he sleeps.

He even loves to sleep with us at night.

But not lately.

Poor Chauncey, ever since we brought Maddie home (or, That Weird Hairless Cat, as he calls her), she's been getting all the attention and the cuddles and the lap time. So, Chauncey, I'd like to apologize. You're a good cat, and I promise to still scratch you on the head sometimes when you jump up on the couch.

Mostly because you get really upset if we ignore you, which makes you throw up on the stairs. I don't care for that at all. Speaking of things I don't care for, I also haven't forgotten the time I found you sleeping in the crib. Or the time you were chewing on Maddie's play mat. That wasn't cool.

So really, on second thought, I'm only semi-apologetic. As a matter of fact, I think we might need some time apart. Why don't we just stay out of each other's way for a while?

Good kitty.

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