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random weekend tidbits

Here are just a few little snippets of our weekend:
  • My kids get up so early.  Soooooo early.  It's like they have a 6th sense that tells them that, for whatever reason (thank God), Maddie has started sleeping in.  So now it's their turn to start the day 10 minutes after I fall asleep.

  • Overheard in the kitchen: "You just got walloped with 10 pounds of bacon!"  Yes, I sure did.
  • I made a joke yesterday about not being able to spray poison around the house because the kids could potentially devise a game which involved smooshing their faces into the carpet.  Within a matter of hours:
Zoe had dressed the floor up to look like a pig (See it?  With its orange snout and lovely 3-tone bracelet smile?) and decided to make piggy faces next to her new friend, the Floor Pig.  Good thing I hadn't slathered the room in Raid.
  • We took the kids over to the Apple Festival.  All Zoe wanted in the whole wide world was to get her face painted, so they both did.

You should have seen the face-painting ladies trying to convince each other to take on Jake's project - "Can you do a skull?  Madge, maybe you should do this one."  Maddie, who can't keep socks on her teensy feet without a gallon of industrial adhesive and a pulley system, lost a sock three times, but we found it every time.  There was time for one ride, and J & Z chose the Fun House.  They LOVED it, but after seeing the pics I took, it seems like maybe that house is a little bit TOO much fun.

  • We learned something new about our daughter.  Namely, that if she wears Gerry's black hooded sweatshirt

she looks a little bit like the Grim Reaper would if he got that Benjamin Button disease.  No offense, Mads.  I mean that in the cutest way possible.

That's all so far.  Now if you'll excuse me, G & I have to spend the rest of the weekend mentally preparing ourselves for seeing the third-string (?!?!?!??) quarterback HOPEFULLY not embarrass our beloved Colts too much on MNF tomorrow.  Yipes.

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Kristin said...

Ha! Love it!
We need to hit up a pumpkin farm, do fally things, and buy candy. I am so not ready for Halloween!
The Texas State Fair is currently in full swing, so we should probably go taste-test some fried bubble gum too!

TNMom said...

Foreshadowing to the dollhouse!! :)
I love the floor pig and the grim reaper baby!
Also? COLTS?? Ewwww....booooo! GO TITANS! :) <3D

RobynHTV said...

Whaaaaaaat? I should have known this would happen sooner or later - we get in trouble for not being Lions fans, but we do have love for the Titans. ;)

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