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Pumpkins at the Patch

Over the weekend we took our pumpkins to the pumpkin patch.

Actually, we couldn't find a real pumpkin patch, despite the fact that we drove around in (what I call) the country for about an hour and saw umpteen signs claiming there were pumpkin patches nearby.  I started thinking maybe "Pumpkin Patch" signs just grow wild out there by the side of the road, and we shouldn't be taking them so literally.  Finally we found an orchard, which by then seemed close enough.  To our relief, they did have some pumpkins.

What they had a LOT of were apples.  Go figure, it was an orchard.

I briefly lamented the fact that I'm nursing Maddie and therefore couldn't single-handedly wipe out their entire stock of hard ciders and fruit wine.  This is why every parenting magazine and doctor's office pamphlet is crammed with articles about how great breastfeeding is for the baby - they're FDA-mandated morale boosters for those of us who have to ride in a car for an hour with a baby who's teetering on the edge of cranky sleepiness and two little kids who want to know how much farther away the nonexistent pumpkin patch is, but who can't self-medicate with an entire bottle of blueberry-apple cider.  Without constant encouragement, we moms would give up and all breastfed babies would be drinking Coke out of a can by week two.

I'm kidding, of course.  Actually the kids were angels and looked like they were having tons of fun just spinning around.  Ah, remember getting dizzy?  Adults think of dizziness solely as the potential symptom of a major neurological illness.  It does not occur to grown-ups to get dizzy on purpose.

Eventually we stumbled home and started the best part - carving!  Which, of course, starts with digging out the seeds.  For kids, that mostly means playing with the seeds and pretending they're the grossest things on earth.

Then, as is the tradition we started because we like for the kids' fingers to remain intact, the kids drew what they wanted their Jack-o-lanterns to look like, and Gerry did the carving.

No, not everything.  After all that, I forgot to take a picture of the finished pumpkins. 

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The Third Partier said...

Your husband IS handsome!

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