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Minor Miracles

It's Sunday, and although I'm not a religious gal, I thought I'd take the time today to appreciate some of the minor miracles in my life.
  • You may remember from a previous entry that I was having a small crisis regarding Jake wanting to go to a party at his friend's house.  I decided to use reverse lookup (thank you, internet, for allowing even a well-meaning mother to seem creepy), found their phone number, wrestled with my fear of talking to Mean Dad, and dialed.  Waiting... waiting... line disconnected!  Confrontation averted!  Then the hard part - telling Jake.  Although on Friday Jake was in a near-tizzy about wanting to go, he simply replied, "That's okay.  I'll just tell him on Monday that he forgot to give me his number."  Really?!??  So I got to feel like Mother of the Year for being willing to try to get J what he wanted (even though it would have meant spying on the party with binoculars and some sort of long-range taser), instead I got what I wanted, AND J wasn't upset about it.  The parenting trifecta!

  • I'd like to give thanks for every time I've ever heard copious amounts of tooting coming from the vicinity of Maddie's hindquarters and, after running to yank her out of her bouncy seat before disaster struck, was relieved to find her outfit unmolested by diaper leakage.  I apologize if that offends anyone's delicate sensibilities, but it's a very important miracle for me in that I believe it is a sign that she loves me.

  • I also consider it a miracle that somehow, when I'm least in the mood to make dinner, Gerry comes home and suggests getting takeout.  However, as Gerry pointed out, any day he suggested takeout would be a day I didn't feel like making dinner.

  • I'm also going to count it as a miracle that the Colts almost  won a game, instead of flying into a rage about how they choked, considering a lot of their starters this season are people they found in the alley behind Lucas Oil Stadium and members of the Colts accounting department.  But I have to tell you, it's taking a lot of self-restraint.

Here's hoping you take time today to reflect on some of the miracles in your life!

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