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Little Chefs

This weekend the kids and I had a few opportunities to cook together, which is always a favorite activity but rarely happens because afterwards I have to use a fire hose to clean the kitchen.

Friday was Pizza Night, and they were super excited to mix up the ingredients for the sauce.  I did learn, however, that getting ALL the spices down from the cabinet was not the best idea, as it resulted in each and every bottle being opened, sniffed, and nearly sprinkled into the bowl.

And yes, Jake is wearing a robe he got from me, which I (eh...) acquired from a hospital years ago when Zoe was born.  And yes, approximately five seconds after this photo was taken, the sleeve was drenched in a relatively thick slathering of pizza sauce.

Zoe kept sneaking more toppings on, and despite the fact that I repeatedly explained about how pizza won't cook evenly if the toppings aren't spread out, I discovered a teetering tower of mushrooms and olives appeared every time I left the pizza unattended.

But in the end it turned out so well that we tackled the challenge of making eyeballs the next day.  Out of powdered donuts, of course.

Jake looked a little like a mad scientist Kicking It Up a Notch (TM) like Emeril as he helped make the treats, which were for a party he went to later in the day.

Zoe, meanwhile, did quite a lot of taste-testing.  She seemed very concerned that the M&Ms might be poisoned.

Overall, cooking with the kids takes about three times longer than doing it by myself, makes three times the mess, and probably costs three times as much in spilled ingredients, but is easily a million times more fun.  Good times.

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