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It's Blog-tober!

That's right, it's Blog-tober, because since I started this blog, everything in my house has been about blogging.  We've invented new words ("Why, that's blogtastic!") and I'm finding myself a little obsessed with topics that are potentially blogable.

This has led to G's daily taunts of, "Why don't you blog about it," every time anything happens, like we run out of milk or Maddie's pacifier falls on the floor and G gives it back to her without rinsing it off.  To which I reply, "What did you blog?  I mean, say?"  And he retorts, "Blog blog, blog blogblogblogblog," in the voice of Charlie Brown's unintelligible teachers.

If you ask G, it is taking up 97% of my time.  I'm not saying he's wrong.  He refers to himself as a Blog Widower.

And I can't help but wonder if the children are suffering.

But I'm not too worried - G won't let them forget me.

Which is comforting.

I don't mean to imply he isn't supportive of the blog - he is, very much so.  However, he was glad when I told his family about the blog, theorizing (and I quote), "that should keep your complaining about me down to a dull roar."  Ha!  As if.  So to keep the blog-o-sphere from becoming too one-sided with my commentary, he is threatening to create his own blog, which will set off what I refer to as The Great Blog-Off of 2011, full of much good-natured verbal jousting, no doubt.

Let's see how HE handles his brain being in the Blog Fog.  Should be fun!

P.S.  It's Blog-tober 3rd - so I'm sending Sarah some blog-errific birthday wishes!!!!  Love ya!

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Billie said...

Sooo fun to read !!! love it !

Sperry said...

I thought I felt bloggerrific! ;-) Thanks!

kc said...

Please say hi to Count Blogula for me. 'Tis the season, and all. :)

TNMom said...

Blogarific! <3D

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