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Friday Wrap-up

In an attempt to keep them all straight in my increasingly sieve-like brain, the following is a list of my parenting challenges and cheers for the week...
  • Zoe was getting in the habit of ending up at the school nurse's office a little too often, complaining of a stomach ache.  Each time I had them put her on the phone, and I would be greeted by a cheerful, "Hi, Mommy!"  Now, I'm not saying she's faking it entirely, but there may be some exaggeration going on about the severity of her illness, as evidenced by the fact that she usually just hangs out in the office sipping water for a while and then goes back to class.

So this week I had to dish out some tough love and call her bluff.  I picked her up at school, brought her home, and made her stay in bed for the rest of the day so as not to aggravate her "condition."  When she asked for a snack, the warden brought her plain crackers and water.  Missing her pattering around the house and hearing her sing-song chatter, I almost cracked and set her loose a few times, but I stuck to my guns.  I haven't gotten another call from the nurse since then; we'll see if it sticks.  A few days later, the teacher sent home a very casual and breezy note stating that chicken pox is going around.  Oh, good.
  • Jake is growing up, and while it tugs at my heartstrings a little that, if his friends are around, he opts for a subtle wave goodbye at the door to school as opposed to the affectionate hugs and kisses I'm used to, overall I know it's only natural and best for him in the long run.  However, the new bonds he's finding with his peers are causing me some... unease.  For example, he has befriended a kid known between Marma and myself as Eddie Haskell.

This kid now walks home with us, babbling the whole time, AND has my phone number, which he uses on a daily basis.  I think I'm going to have to change my number, or else switch to a cell plan with more minutes.  Jake also has another friend who invited him to a party this weekend.  The problem is, the party is at this boy's house, and while waiting for the kids in the schoolyard I've seen this kid's dad openly yell at him for such infractions as getting some paint on his shirt in art class or forgetting his jacket.  You can imagine I'm not too keen on J being over there without me.  I mean, if you can't rein it in when other parents are giving you the stink eye, what are you like at home?!?  So, I've decided that from now on, all my children will be raised in the isolation of my basement.  I still have plenty of crackers and water.  Fresh air is overrated.
  • Maddie has graduated to the stage where she has enough curiosity and dexterity to grab everything within arm's reach.  Her goal is to get the entire universe into her mouth, which is not that ideal germs-wise, but about half the time she just jabs herself in the eye, which is not that ideal as far as keeping her eyeballs intact is concerned.  So, since she insists on spending her entire day being held, my arms are ready to crack off at the shoulders from trying to prevent her from lunging at every shiny object and crinkly piece of paper she sees.

However, it is Ultimate Cuteness when she does get her hands on something she covets, such as playing cards, which she looooooves.  Last night she assisted her father and me to a crushing euchre defeat against G's dad and Kennedy.

  • And speaking of Kennedy, he's doing an awesome job at school, bringing home a stellar progress report - AND he offered to vacuum as soon as he got here last night, so I don't know what else I could ask for.  And I believe Li'l G has a promising job prospect, so overall things are going great with the boys, though I can't claim to have had any influence on that front.  Since I don't exactly have their permission to slather this blog with pics of them, here's an (ahem) artist's rendering of them hanging out, watching TV:

Yeah, I, uh, sketched that myself.

Anyway, wish me luck with this whole parenting thing. I think I'm trying my best, which is to say that, like any other parent, I really have no idea what I'm doing other than trying not to mess it up TOO much on a daily basis.  Now I'm going to go pry the cat out of Maddie's mouth and find out why Jake and Zoe are being so quiet...

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Kristin said...

Nice to catch up on the kids a bit. :)

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