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Acting Squirrely

The kiddos go to a school that doesn't offer busing, so every morning and afternoon we walk the 18-block round trip to drop them off and pick them up.  Marma comes too, and with Maddie in either the stroller or Snugli carrier, the walks the five of us take are always one of my favorite parts of the day.  It's such a great time to hear about Jake's plans to become a Lego designer when he grows up, or hear Zoe's reassurances that Isaiah is NOT her boyfriend.

Zoe always has quite a bit to say.  Jake is a little less verbose, but cracks me up with what he does say, like when I pointed out how pretty the sunrise was and he stopped to look at it, circled his arm around my waist, and said in total seriousness, "Yes, let's enjoy the beauty."

Considering it's such a short walk, we have several rituals along the way.  There's one house that the kids never, ever pass by without walking along the top of the retaining wall.  Right now that house is totally decked out for Halloween, and when Zoe first saw all the creepy decorations she stopped in her tracks and said, "I think I'm gonna throw up."  That does not, however, keep her off the retaining wall.

One house on our route has a cat that looks eerily like our Chauncey, and Jake can't resist stopping to lavish attention on her, although it always makes me want to dip him in hand sanitizer afterwards.

One of our favorite rituals is looking for Bob.  Bob is the squirrel that lives by the high school.

We dubbed him Bob because he only has a little nubbin of a tail, and for a while we were making up stories about what tragedy must have befallen poor Bob and his rear appendage.

But I believe I've cracked the case.  Recently Bob, no doubt picking up on our interest in him, has started stalking us.  Instead of over by the high school, we see him most often near our house, lurking on the curb by Marma's car or peeking out from behind a pile of leaves across the street.  As I was driving home yesterday, there was a squirrel in the road who stubbornly refused to move.  You guessed it - Bob.  I believe most squirrels assume the responsibility for getting out of the way of motor vehicles, but Bob saw no urgency whatsoever in the matter.  If some vehicular incident did cause his posterior pruning, as I suspect it did, he apparently didn't learn his lesson.  Knowing the kids would be scarred for life if they saw Bob flattened right in front of our house, I had to slow to a stop until eventually he moseyed over into our yard, where he appears to have taken up permanent residence.

Mark my words, if he doesn't find another family to stalk in the next few weeks before it starts getting cold, my kids will be begging me to let Bob come inside, or at least knit him a few holiday sweaters.  I can hardly wait.

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kc said...

It is truly amazing how different siblings can be. I am cracking up over J's "Let's enjoy the beauty". :) Profound and hilarious at the same time.

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