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Par for the course

It's amazing to me - I'm actually starting my own blog!  What is NOT amazing to me is that, now that I've finally set it up, changed my settings umpteen times (which was actually just one change that I had to do umpteen times because I'm too dense to figure out how to save), and the baby isn't crying (anymore), it's time to go pick up the two middle kids from school.  So it looks like gracing the world with my random blatherings will have to wait.  Awwww, shucks.

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Grace Marie said...

ha. this sounds like my kind of blog already!

thanks for linking up!

RobynHTV said...

Thanks - this was such a fun idea for a link-up! I almost cheated and linked my next post, which is no better but at least is a real post - so tempting, but I'm hoping I get mad karma points for resisting the urge. ;)

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