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How To Wine Your Way Through Football Season

Whether you're a huge football fan or you don't even know a touch pass from the score zone (both of which are probably very real things, I'm pretty sure), football season is here. For many folks, that means it's time to watch their favorite teams battle it out and, more importantly, it's time to stuff their faces with classic tailgating foods like nachos and chicken wings.

See? Even if you don't like football, there's always something to love about football season. Mmm, nachos...

But if you want to class football season up a few notches, whether you're watching the game in your living room or at a tailgating party, you'll want to bring along your BFF.

By BFF, of course, I mean wine.

Oh yeah, I said it. You don't have to love beer OR crush the cans against your forehead to enjoy a few drinks during the game! Keep it classy by pairing the right wine with your football food.


Oh yes, my friend; I've partnered up with my buddies at WineFix to help you find the perfect vino for things like...

Is any tailgate complete without a sampling of ribs? I don’t think so. Nothing says you’re a serious tailgater like smoky bbq sauce under your fingernails, and nothing complements that sauce like a hearty Lambrusco. While the sweet notes of the church wine will send you to bbq rib heaven, there’s always room at the rib table for a Cuvee or a Zin. It’s really just a matter of personal preference and availability.

See? Easy peasy, deliciouseezy. Fine, that didn't rhyme, but you'll forgive me once you read the rest of my wine picks here, which I assure you I researched thoroughly with my taste buds. And my liver. *hic* NOW LET'S GO WATCH SOME WINEBALL or whatever it's called.

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